ROOMS FOR IMPROVEMENT - Home Organizing for Town and Country!


I'm so grateful for Dana's warm,  friendly manner which enabled me to part with stuff I no longer needed.  We went through every drawer and closet and afterwards I felt 20 pounds lighter!   
East Side
Thanks to Dana,  my piles of totally disorganized travel memorabilia are now organized,  filed and totally accessible - it's a miracle!
Princeton,  NJ

Dana saw new possibilities in my tiny apartment, helped me make some difficult decisions,  and used her great eye to give me space-saving tips  -  like simply moving the couch!

When I retired I was drowning in books, papers,  photos,  and just too much stuff until Dana came to the rescue!  
Upper West Side

When our company relocated from a New York City office building to our respective homes across the five boroughs,  Dana hired the movers, rented the dumpsters, got the insurance certificates, donated the unwanted furniture and equipment, arranged for our new computer and phone network,  forwarded the mail, supervised the packing, and calmed us down when the move seemed too daunting!
Danny & Staff,  
Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn & Staten Island

Kudos to Dana for helping me move and set up my funky new house!

This old clothes horse has dubbed Dana my "closet warrior"!
Upper East Side  

I bid on Dana's organizing services at a silent auction in my condo community, and what a great investment!  She helped me declutter every room,  and even took cartons of books to the library for donation.  And she did it all with a smile!
Litchfield,  CT


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